Local Vendors

We are pleased to know, work with and sell products from the following local producers.

Amaroo Hills


Amaroo Hills Emu Farm was started in 2012 by Ngon Nguyen and family. The farm and the family have a mission to provide a safe red meat for those with the Alpha-Gal meat allergy. Their emus are raised without the use of antibiotics, steroids or pesticides; free range in Ashland City, Tennessee and Liberty, North Carolina.

Bales Farms


Bales Farms is a 6th-generation family farm in Mosheim, Tennessee, owned and operated by Barry, Aliceson, and Marshall Bales. Bales Farms employ regenerative agricultural methods that grow better grass, build healthier soil, and produce the healthiest, happiest animals possible! We thank the Bales family for the extra effort they put in to allow us to offer not just their gorgeous whole pasture-raised chickens but also bone-in and boneless breasts, bone-in thighs, drumsticks, wings, and tenders.

Carolina Bison


Located in the lush Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina, Carolina Bison raises its herd on top-quality grasses and pure mountain spring water. Their robust bison graze freely on hundreds of open pasture acreage, reminiscent of the original native herds. Founded by author, lecturer, and whole-health practitioner, Dr. Frank J. King, in 1985, Carolina Bison are raised without the use of any added hormones, antibiotics, or stimulants.

Clinch View Farm

Clinch View Farm is a family affair, run by Rachel Perrin and her dad Steve, just over the county line in Grainger County, Tennessee. Steve and Rachel have a deep affection for their family land and the animals they raise and that reverence is evident in the beautiful lamb they bring to market.

Crooked Road Farm


Crooked Road Farm is a small farm located in South Knox County, Tennessee that grows pasture-raised eggs and pork. Owned and operated by Johnny Buchanan, Crooked Road Farm also offer twice monthly CSA shares and sell at Market Square Farmers’ Market and direct farm sales.

Hoodley Creek Farm


Hoodley Creek is a Tennessee family farm established in 1850 and passed down through 7 generations. KK Proffitt and son, Will, raise 450 parasite-resistant Katahdin sheep on two hundred acres in Afton, Tennessee. All breeding sheep are registered and tested for genetic scrapie resistance and common diseases. A truffle tree orchard provides silvopasture for part of the flock and old-growth forests are incorporated as silvopasture for other fields. All hay is made on the property by Will; composted manure and hay is recycled to the hay fields and garden. Hoodley Creek also raises herbs for lamb and garlic which provides green garlic, garlic scapes and whole garlic in the spring and summer.

Hyde Farms


Hyde Farms is a small family farm in Greenback, Tennessee. Their cattle are raised on open pasture and grass supplemented by free choice corn grown and harvested on site.

Lick Skillet Farm


Since 1919, the Miller family has operated in Jefferson County, Tennessee.  They focus on biodiversity, ecosystem support, and producing the most delicious beef, pork, and poultry products possible. Lick Skillet is on the forefront of regenerative farming; the farm grass-finishes with no corn, soy, or any other grain, and is GAP-4 certified for animal welfare.

Mitchell Family Farm


John Mitchell’s family has been living along the banks of the Holston River so long that the crook of the river in which their farm lies is known as Mitchell Bend. A seventh generation farmer in Blaine, Tennessee, John raises his cattle on open pasture and supplements their diet with corn from his own fields.



Riverplains Farm is a family living and working on family land in Jefferson County, Tennessee, striving to become a dynamic, sustainable farm. They are dedicated to raising the most nutrient dense food as possible — no chemicals, no GMO’s, pasture-raising livestock and sustainable farming practices in general. Currently they raise pasture-raised heritage breed pork for our meat department.

Shuckman’s Fish


Third generation owner Lewis Shuckman employs old family recipes, Kentucky hickory and alder woods and a dash of Old Rip Van Winkle Bourbon to transform salmon and North Carolina Mountain trout into smoky, delectable cured filets and dips. The Shuckman’s empire is headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky.

Springer Mountain Farm


Springer Mountain Farms is a family owned business that has been raising chickens for over 40 years. There chickens are raised in the Blue Ridge Mountains in Mt. Airy, Georgia without antibiotics, growth stimulants or hormones, and are never fed animal by-products. They were the first poultry producer in the world to gain the endorsement of the American Humane Association under their American Humane Certified program.

Strong Stock Farm


Strong Stock Farm’s land in Knox County, Tennessee was deeded to the family in a 1791 land grant, when this area was the State of Franklin. The family-run farm focuses on natural foods, selling organically raised hormone free grass fed Angus cattle and beef.

Sunburst trout farms


Sunburst Trout Farms was originally founded by Dick Jennings in the Western North Carolina Mountains in 1948. Since then it has remained a family business dedicated to producing fresh, delicious and healthy fish while striving to remain an ecologically sustainable enterprise. These days the third generation of the family is working hard to make sure that Sunburst and the mountains where they live continue to thrive for a long time coming.