Local Cheeses

We’re proud to carry cheeses from the following local producers:

belle chevre, elkmont, al


Belle Chèvre has produced a variety of internationally acclaimed chevres since 1989 using time-tested European farmstead techniques.  The company is purposefully small, and each chevre is hand made by its passionate cheese makers. The result is an artisan cheese with a mild and distinct taste and texture that reflects the care with which it was made.

Blackberry Farm, Walland, TN


Blackberry Farm produces seasonally changing cheeses that capture the distinct flavors of each season. These artisan cheeses are made with sheep’s milk and vegetarian rennet. The sheep are raised on Blackberry Farm, and the cheese is made on-location by a single cheesemaker.

Boone Creek Creamery, Lexington, KY


Boone Creek Creamery specializes in Old World cheeses, along with unique adaptations of old classics. Their cheese is made by hand, using traditional European techniques. Boone Creek cheeses are made from milk from pastured cows that are free of antibiotics and hormones.  The milk is pasteurized at just 145 degrees and is not homogenized, in order to preserve the natural flavor and enzymes.

Kenny’s Farmhouse Cheese, Austin, KY


Kenny’s Farmhouse Cheese has been producing cheeses using Old World, handmade techniques since 1998. Kenny’s cows are raised on the farm from birth, ensuring complete control over the finished product, including a high-quality, great-tasting milk. The entire cheesemaking process takes place on Kenny’s 200-acre family farm.  Kenny’s Cheeses are made with raw milk and vegetable rennet.

Meadow Creek Dairy, Galax, VA


Meadow Creek Dairy produces seasonally changing artisan cheeses on their family farm in the mountains of Southwest Virginia. Located at an elevation of 2800 feet, the farm’s pure water, clean air, and deep soils provide an ideal pasture for their Jersey cows. Meadow Creek Dairy’s original cheeses are made with raw milk, using traditional European techniques.

Mimi’s Garden Fresh, Louisville, KY

The amazingly talented folks at Mimi’s Garden Fresh Cheeses and Shuckmans Smokery from Louisville, KY have been smoking mozzarella, parmesean, and blue cheese to perfection for many years. We have a variety of these award winning cheeses available here at the co-op!

Sequatchie Cove Farm, Sequatchie, TN


Sequatchie Cove Farm hand produces farmstead cheeses on their family farm in East Tennessee. Their cheese is handmade with raw milk from their diverse group of dairy cows. Sequatchie Cove Farm cows are naturally raised on chemical-free pasture, and are not given antibiotics or hormones.

Sweetwater Valley Farm, Philadelphia, TN


Sweetwater Valley Farm produces a vast selection of farmstead cheddar cheeses. These all-natural cheeses are produced in modern facilities, while preserving the traditional methods of high-quality cheese making.  This farmstead method of cheese making allows Sweetwater Valley Farm control through the entire process, including meeting the daily needs of their cows.