Co-op Membership

Three Rivers Market is a cooperative.  When you become a member of the cooperative you become a co-owner of the cooperative.  Each membership interest you purchase is equity in the business with financial rights, governance rights, and responsibilities of ownership.  By becoming a co-owner, you are supporting a better way of doing business.

Cooperatives are voluntary organizations, open to all persons able to use their services and willing to accept the responsibilities of membership.  Members of the cooperative agree to comply with the policies of the cooperative as a condition of their membership in the cooperative.  Failure to comply with the policies of the cooperative will result in the termination of membership.

anyone can SHOP, everyone can JOIN! 

Becoming a co-owner of Three Rivers Market is quick and easy to do.  The equity contribution required is $250 or ten (10) $25 Membership Interests. Not ready for that just yet? That’s OK. You can get started on a payment plan, purchasing a minimum of one $25 Membership Interest per year until you own ten (10).  Co-owners receive the same rights and benefits of ownership with the purchase of their first Membership Interest and have the same responsibilities.  If you want to surrender your membership, you can request repurchase of your equity by the co-op.  Just give us a a call and we’ll be happy to mail you the application or you can pick one up at the Customer Service Desk!  The Board of Directors reviews repurchase requests at the end of the fiscal year.

Each new member receives a free set of membership cards.  If you lose your cards, replacement sets are available for $5.00.

Just ask at the Member and Customer Services Desk to get your membership started today!




We are owned by over 11,218 of your friends, neighbors, and kinfolk!