Three Rivers Market is cooperatively-owned by our Members and democratically governed by our Board of Directors. All Members have one vote regardless of the number of Membership Interests held. Each year, Members elect candidates to serve on the Board of Directors which is responsible for the governance of Three Rivers Market. Through the Board, the Members are responsible for seeing that the cooperative is run in accordance with the law and the Articles and Bylaws. The Board consists of nine (9) Directors elected to three (3) year terms.  To be eligible to vote or run for a seat on the Board, you must be a Member. In addition to the annual election, Members may also vote on issues requiring a vote by the Membership.

There are three primary responsibilities of the Board:

      • To ensure sound management of the cooperative’s resources
      • To act as trustees on behalf of the Members
      • To set long-range goals and to plan for the future

A Director may advocate interests of Members or Member groups to the Board, but the duty of each Director is to represent the best interests of the cooperative and all Members collectively. Individual Directors do not direct the operation of the store, supervise staff members, or speak for the cooperative as a whole, except when the Board has authorized a Director as spokesperson. They exercise authority only as a group. To this end, the Board develops governance policies under a system called Policy Governance. Governing by policy ensures that its actions are predictable and considered and do not vary with the transient personalities of the individual Directors. Instead, the Board speaks with one voice and directs the General Manager with as much clarity and flexibility as possible.

Contact the current Chair of the Three Rivers Market Board of Directors ( or learn more about attending a meeting.

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