Local Community

“Perhaps one also begins to see the difference between a small local business that must share the fate of the local community and a large absentee corporation that is set up to escape the fate of the local community by ruining the local community.”

Wendell Berry, from “The Idea of a Local Economy        

Three Rivers Market is community-owned and community oriented. As Wendell Berry notes above, we live here and “share the fate” of Knoxville and East Tennessee. We work diligently and fairly to see it grow strong and well. In addition to building a strong and humane local economy and providing a great workplace for East Tennesseans, Three Rivers Market makes contributions to area non-profits and other groups whose mission and work aligns with or compliments ours. If you would like to apply for a contribution, sponsorship, or guest speaker, please read up on our policies and download our application here. Three Rivers Market also hosts a monthly program called Nourishing Change. Through this program we accept donations at the register for area organizations or projects.

We think a lot about food and health at Three Rivers Market. In fact, providing our community access to good food is one of the reasons the co-op started back in 1981. We always want to help our customers make the best choices possible with regard to their food and health. In this section you’ll find information about the Principle Six (P6) Cooperative Trade Movement, our Local Farmers & Vendors, Community Supported Agriculture, Upcoming Events, and other local community resources.