Our Farmers

Ford and Amanda Waterstrat – Sustainable Harvest Farm, LAUREL COUNTY, KY.

Sustainable Harvest Farm is a USDA Certified Organic farm producing organic vegetables, pastured beef, pork products, and items such as tomato juice, salsa, dried peas and cornmeal vegetable farm in Laurel County, KY. This farm was grown out of a dream formed by a West Coast man and his Kentucky native wife and their mutual love of the outdoors, wholesome food, environmental stewardship and rural community life. They began selling their produce in 2010 and in just a year they became the first USDA-Certified Organic Farm in their area.

Jerry Baird – Lakeview Organic Farm, Grainger county

Jerry started growing naturally nearly 20 years ago after seeing how many synthetic pesticides and fertilizers were going into tomato cultivation. In 2010 his farm was Certified Organic. Additionally Jerry made a tremendous gift to the future when he committed his estate to the University of Tennessee’s Institute of Agriculture for the benefit of the Jerry Baird Organic Horticulture Research and Education Program.  If you run into Jerry Baird in our store and you’ve got a minute, ask him about his days as a drag racer in Campbell County.

Jonny Buchanan – Crooked Road Farm, KNOX COunty

Crooked Road Farm is small farm located in South Knox County, TN. They grow USDA Certified Organic produce, as well as pasture-raised eggs and pork. Owned and operated by Jonny Buchanan they also offer twice monthly CSA shares and sell at Market Square Farmers’ Market and direct farm sales.

John Ledbetter – Hines Valley Farm, LOUDON cOunty

Hines Valley Farm is a Certified Organic vegetable farm in Loudon County, TN is John Ledbetter’s ongoing experiment in organic agriculture. John came to organic farming after managing restaurants, getting his doctorate in US-Foreign Relations, teaching history, and working for a mutual fund company.  He gained farm experience working at Boggy Creek Farm in Austin, TX before moving to Tennessee.

Spencer Mountain mennonite farms, Van Buren County

A large set of Mennonite families make up Spencer Mountain Mennonite Farms in Van Buren County. Moved here from Kentucky, they once grew for our co-op neighbors, Good Foods Co-op in Lexington. Now located on the plateau near Fall Creek Falls, they’ve got a lifetime of natural growing practices with which to provide our store with winter squash, sweet potatoes, melons and more.

bob hess – everything mushrooms, KNOX COunty


Bob Hess and his dedicated crew at Everything Mushrooms spend most of their time raising mushroom spawn in their South Knoxville showroom/urban laboratory. There they inoculate a variety of substrates including straw, coffee grounds, wood plugs, and grains with the mushroom spawn and watch as the mushroom mycelium slowly take hold. Their customers use these substrates to grow their own mushrooms. We carry their great shiitake mushroom logs, which means that our customers can try their hands at raising some fungi at home. Our grocery department stocks several of their dried gourmet mushrooms and kombucha starters.

Jeff Poppen – Long Hungry Creek Farm, macon county


Established in 1974, Long Hungry Creek Farm is one of the oldest and largest (300 acres) organic farms in Tennessee. Jeff Poppen—more commonly known as the Barefoot Farmer—is a righteous advocate of biodynamic farming, a method that “incorporates an understanding of ‘dynamic’ forces in nature.” In addition to publishing a popular book of essays on biodynamic and organic farming (The Barefoot Farmer: The Best of the Barefoot Farmer ) Poppens hosts an annual conference on biodynamic farming that draws attendees from all over the world to Long Hungry Creek.  You can also watch Jeff in segments of “Volunteer Gardener” on Nashville Public Television.

Steve Todd – Neubert Springs Gardens, knox county

Steve Todd is a world traveler and brings his experience with global food flavors to his farming. Since 1988 he, his wife Kate and their family have been sustainably farming in South Knoxville – just ten miles from our store. They focus on standard and more eclectic varieties of greens, like tatsoi, komatsuna, and all manner and color of lettuces. They also provide the store with a variety of beautiful vegetables like radishes, broccoli, Hakurai turnips, and uncommon potato varieties such as red gold, purple majesty, and garnet.

hillary and paul doucet – Broken Shovel Farm, knox county



Brenna Wright – Knox City Farm, knox county

Knox City Farm is an urban farm project dedicated to the rebuilding of living spaces and the creation of local food systems, as well as providing community anchor points to foster relationships while working, learning, and celebrating together. Created by Brenna Wright, she experienced her first taste of farming in her time with the United States Peace Corps when she lived in a rural farming village in Ghana. She came to Tennessee to do graduate work in soil science and conservation and apprenticed at two local farms, Care of the Earth CSA and UT’s Organic Farm. Abbey Fields grows healthy, fresh produce in a community effort between neighborhoods, volunteers, members and staff in order to beautify, restore, and bring life to vacant spaces in Knoxville.