Last Updated: October 1st, 2016 by Three Rivers Market.

This year, the Board of Directors for Three Rivers Market will shift its annual all-day retreat from Spring to Fall to coincide with both calendar year planning and the introduction of newly elected Directors. As a result, your 2016 Board will participate in its second retreat to commune, strategize, and envision for the Ends and long term goals of our Co-op. The retreat will be held at Narrow Ridge, “a nonprofit organization established to study, teach and demonstrate sustainability with solar powered rental facilities and homes that have been “off the grid” since 1991.” (read more here:

Because the retreat is scheduled for October 15th, (in close proximity to our monthly Board meeting) we’ve decided to cancel/combine the Oct 13th meeting. Note: We welcome member’s thoughts and ideas at the beginning of every meeting and a new meeting tradition, to allow three minutes for any member to discuss interests or concerns, will continue in November.

In other news, with expert facilitation from Director, Nina Gregg, the Board is allocating time and energy this year to the broad topic of “diversity.” We welcome members to peruse meeting minutes and summaries posted on the website (, attend a meeting, or contact our Chair, Dave Penegar, for more information at

Jenny Weisent, Director

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