Nourishing Change

Last Updated: June 30th, 2018 by Three Rivers Market.

Announcing how we’ll be Nourishing Change in our community in the next 6 months!

In July, we will be collecting change to care for kittens born into feral cat colonies
·         Objective: To provide medical services to 200 adoptable community cats and kittens
·         Partner: Feral Feline Friends of East Tennessee

Feral cats are usually the offspring of un-neutered cats abandoned by their owners, or they are adult cats that were abandoned so long ago that they have reverted to a wild state. We want all homeless cats to be neutered so that no unwanted kittens are born.

In August, we will be collecting change to provide clothing for children in need and support their education
·         Objective: To provide new clothing for approximately 150 schoolchildren
·         Partner: Knox County Schools Clothing Center PTA, located across the street from Three Rivers Market

Some children in our community do not have proper clothing to attend school. We all benefit when children graduate from high school and children are better students when they consistently attend school. Having a week’s worth of clothing makes getting to school and focusing a little easier.

In September, we will be collecting change to feed families in need
·         Objective: To provide 1,200 families of four 3 days’ worth of food.
·         Partner: FISH Hospitality Pantries

The Northwest FISH Hospitality Pantry, located three blocks from Three Rivers Market., provides nearly 4,000 food package each month to families needing food assistance. They provide the most nutritious foods possible in a respectful, non-judgmental way.

In October, we will be collecting change to provide low-income youth with outdoor experiences
·         Objective: To provide 150 outings
·         Partner: The Harvey Broome Group of the Sierra Club, covering 18 counties in East TN. For this program, they partner with Big Brothers and Big Sisters of East Tennessee, Girls Inc, Oak Ridge, Vestal Boys and Girls Club, and Lonsdale Elementary, Dogwood Elementary, and New Hopewell Elementary through the Great Schools Partnership.

Introducing youth to the natural world, and providing them with skills to successfully navigate and feel comfortable there, allows them to discover for themselves the beauty and importance of wild places and a healthy environment.

In November, we will be collecting change to feed families in need and support their education
Objective: To provide expand the food storage capacity of the pantry and purchase a two month supply of food
·         Partner: Pellissippi State Foundation

In 2015 Pellissippi State Community College discovered that over 60% of its students were struggling with chronic hunger issues.  Hunger compromises cognitive processes and the ability to focus on academics. The Pellissippi Pantry was created to provide packaged food, fresh food, and nutrition education for food insecure students and their families. It is linked to its sister project, a permaculture-inspired organic community garden that also provides food to students.

In December, we will be collecting change to provide free medical care to people in need
·         Objective: To provide funding for the annual free clinic in Knoxville
·         Partner: Remote Area Medical (RAM)

Since 1994, RAM has held a free clinic in Knoxville each year. Last year, it provided more than $1.1 million of free dental, vision, medical, and veterinary care to 1,865 people.  This clinic costs approximately $34,000/day to operate and is free and open to the public.

Over the past 6 months we received 29 applications from a wide variety of organizations doing important work for our community.  If your application was not selected, we strongly encourage you to re-apply.  Past recipients are eligible to re-apply as well.

If your application is unclear or incomplete it cannot be considered, so please take care. To discuss tips on creating a successful Nourishing Change application, please contact Jacqueline Arthur, General Manager at  For more information, visit