A Better Way of Doing Business

Last Updated: June 14th, 2021 by Three Rivers Market.

As a member of the Three Rivers Market cooperative, you are a co-owner with equity in the business of the cooperative, governance rights, and responsibilities of ownership.

One of the biggest responsibilities a member can take on is serving on the board of directors for your cooperative. As a member of the board, you have three primary responsibilities:

  1. Ensure the sound management of the cooperative’s resources.
  2. Act as a trustee on behalf of our members.
  3. Set long-range goals and plan for the future.

We advocate for our members’ interests and represent the best interests of the cooperative. Each board member contributes ideas that support our Values and Principles. Under a system of Policy Governance, we ensure our collective actions move the board and cooperative forward to our Ends rather than get bogged down by transient personalities each board member brings to the table.

“Serving on the board for Three Rivers Market has helped me understand the role our cooperative plays in our local community,” said Amanda Womac, board member and outgoing co-chair of the board perpetuation committee. “I encourage anyone with interest in how members support and sustain our Ends, values, and principles to apply for their opportunity to be involved in governing Three Rivers Market.”

When you are ready, learn more about the Three Rivers Market Board Election here. Questions? Contact us at board@threeriversmarket.coop.

We hope you take this opportunity to join a great group of dedicated Three Rivers Market members and have some fun serving on the board of YOUR local grocery cooperative!