Three Rivers of the Co-op

Last Updated: May 27th, 2019 by Three Rivers Market Communications.

Have you ever wondered why we are named Three Rivers Market?

Most folks are familiar with the Tennessee River which flows through downtown Knoxville southward to Chattanooga and beyond. What you might not know is that the Tennessee is formed by the Holston and French Broad Rivers which flow from the Southern Appalachian Mountains and meet on Knoxville’s eastern edge.

Our name comes from the confluence of these three rivers. Like the rivers for which we are named, Three Rivers Market nourishes not only our immediate community but also our bio-region of the Southern Appalachians and our whole Southeastern Region.

To commemorate this regional heritage, we have a stylish new tote bag featuring a topographic map of our three rivers coming together. Show off your Three Rivers Market pride wherever you go while reducing your environmental footprint with this unforgettable reusable bag!

Remember: rivers are fed by small creeks and other tributaries flowing into a larger body. In the same way, our co-op is made stronger every day by our relationships with our local partners, other cooperatives and our growing community of co-owners!