Board News December 2013 –

Last Updated: December 7th, 2013 by Three Rivers Market.

Election News & Congratulations
Hearty accolades, fond farewells and financial success mark the end of 2013 for Three Rivers Market.
First things first: Congratulations to our three new Directors!

Jill Mikucki
Fiona McAnally
Dave Penegar

Attracting and electing a dedicated Board of Directors ensures inspired leadership and a solid connection with our membership. This year’s top-notch field of applicants, including Bill Collins and Jessica Brewton-Turnbough, attests to East Tennessee’s growing involvement in TRM’s long-term vision and global Ends:

“Three Rivers Market, a cooperative center of sustainable commerce, exists to benefit its members by creating and nourishing a healthier environment, healthier people, and a healthier community.”

Following this year’s strong election turnout, the current Board is poised to smoothly and cohesively bridge the interests of members with the talents of management for a healthier Knoxville. We encourage all members and future Board candidates to stay involved!

As the fanfare settles, we bid a bittersweet farewell to outgoing Board Members:

Wes Goddard & Tiffany Foster

Both Directors shared untold hours, insight and immeasurable heart with TRM. This year, in particular, marks the end of an era. For ten years, Wes Goddard’s thorough knowledge of cooperative governance, coupled with a unique historical perspective and steadfast leadership served as a constant source of unity and balance. We honor both Wes and Tiffany’s dedication—they will truly be missed!

Financial Audit
On the heels of the co-op’s expansion and move to our current location, Three Rivers Market underwent an independent audit. Wegner CPA’s, LLP, an outside accounting agency from Wisconsin, conducted a detailed financial assessment of the business.
Results: Our Cooperative is on sound financial footing. The checks and balances of management and accounting are in proper order. With internal controls in place, TRM prepares for further success and security in today’s competitive health food market.

Special Congratulations
A healthy financial audit could not happen without an equally healthy management team. The Board recognizes Jacqueline Arthur, General Manager of 13 years, and her first-rate staff for their excellence and efficiency. Jacqueline’s recent election to the Eastern Corridor Steering Committee of the National Cooperative Grocers Association and appointment, by Mayor Madeline Rogero, to a 5 year term on Knoxville’s Community Development Corporation Board of Commissioners demonstrate how confident leadership and tireless dedication are sought and recognized throughout the community. We proudly congratulate her and look forward to capitalizing on this positive momentum for continued success in 2014.