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Last Updated: June 25th, 2019 by Three Rivers Market.

Three Rivers Market Board of Directors met for our spring retreat Saturday, April 6, 2019. In addition to setting the board’s agenda for the upcoming year, we engaged in a great discussion about member linkage and increasing engagement from our members and the wider Knoxville community.

Along with Dave Penegar’s report, we hope you enjoy our reflections on what the retreat meant to each of us.

Report from Board Chair

Dave Penegar

The Three Rivers Market Board of Directors and general manager met at an offsite retreat Saturday, April 6 to plan the board’s for the 2019-2020 fiscal year. The day began with an awesome breakfast from Three Rivers Market and then members of the board conducted our April monthly meeting.

After a quick break, we set to work on refining the language of Executive Limitations – Board Policy B1 on staff treatment to help codify the current general manager’s interpretations, thus helping preserve the current high standards for a healthy work place. In the future, members of the board will require justification for changes in personnel policies.

The afternoon session commenced with a conversation regarding board communication strategies and priorities for communicating with members for FY 2019-2020! After reviewing our board policy on governance process and member linkage, we committed to hosting an in-person event once a year. Details are forthcoming, but has the makings of a family friendly fun event for all members and guests!

The remainder of the afternoon we created a draft for our monthly agenda for the upcoming year, which begins July 1, and will be finalized in the next two months.

Board Member Reflections

“Our spring retreat was a fantastic opportunity for me to reflect on TRM, it’s strengths and opportunities. I am grateful to be part of a cooperative and board of directors that leads the way. To codify current best practices into policy, this time regarding the employees and workplace, is our purposeful way to ensure  these best practices are sustained. I consider it a privilege to serve our co-owners as board director.”

-Rebecca Blalock

“I am so energized after our spring retreat. This group of directors brings such passion, knowledge, and creativity. I know we are going to continue to work innovatively and cooperatively as a team, with our general manager, and with co-op co-owners as we move forward with our work for the year.”

-Chris Bottoms, Secretary/Treasurer

“To me, this annual retreat was beautifully reflective of the working relationship I have seen this board develop over the years. We have a trusting, respectful, and nurturing culture that enables us to help create a vibrant and sustainable co-operative.”

-Graciela Cabana

“My first spring retreat highlighted how each board director brings a unique set of skills to the work of the board that stems both from their professional lives and from personal experiences. These perspectives and talents allow for leadership not just on what needs to be discussed, but on how we will proceed with the conversation. These individual efforts create the collaborative conditions necessary to generate, test, and try new ideas.”

-Elizabeth Gentry

“Members of the Three Rivers Market Board of Directors have been working collaboratively to ensure our cooperative continues to be a leader in creating a productive, supportive, and sustainable enterprise. At our recent board retreat, we took steps to affirm our workplace culture with commitments to the physical, emotional, and financial well-being of all employees.”

-Nina Gregg

“Today was an example of what makes our TRM so special.  As our group thoughtfully worked through the day’s agenda, I felt the collaborative, cooperative, and dedicated spirit that is woven throughout Three Rivers Market. I was amazed at how much we accomplished and the consistent level of engagement shown by everyone. I am so grateful to have been given the opportunity to serve and contribute on behalf of the membership.”

-Joy Wilson

“Spending a beautiful, spring day with people dedicated to creating and nourishing a healthier environment, people, and community was just what I needed at the end of a long Winter. I am energized and ready to spend the next year serving you, our members, and continuing the great work of the past board members. Thank you for your support and trust.”

-Amanda Womac, Vice-Chair