Board News

Last Updated: March 1st, 2024 by Three Rivers Market Communications.

The Board of Directors is pleased to convene five committees this year, with participation of both Directors and members of the cooperative. We appreciate the willingness of members to contribute their knowledge, experience, and enthusiasm for Three Rivers Market to our committees’ work. We would like to share the mission and purpose of each committee with members: 

The Board Perpetuation Committee will represent the interest of the Board of Directors in organizing, coordinating, and monitoring the election for Board Director seats during the year in which the term of those seats expire. The committee will further be responsible for taking action to recruit enough suitable candidates to provide a contested election, and certify that only candidates that meet eligibility requirements may be able to participate in the election.

The Building Committee is tasked with researching, advising, and making recommendations on the maintenance and improvement of the physical structure of Three Rivers Market to the Board of Directors and the General Manager. The Committee’s purpose is to ensure the Cooperative’s physical structure supports the mission, values, and strategic objectives through informed recommendations for its maintenance and improvement.

The Audit Committee will provide the Board informed observations and recommendations for monitoring of financial condition, as well as offer suggestions for the content, format, and distribution of the FY23-24 Annual Report.

The Member Linkage Committee will represent the interest of the Board of Directors in advancing the linkage between members, the co-op, and the Board of Directors. To advance this objective, the Member Linkage Committee will organize or sponsor at least one member linkage event each quarter. Additionally, the Member Linkage Committee, with the cooperation of the General Manager, will organize and coordinate a physical presence in the co-op dedicated to educating members about the governance process, members rights, and the ongoing work of the Board. The Member Linkage Committee will also coordinate, with Board consent, the monthly Board News posts, and other linkage communications with members. 

The Staff Involvement in Governance Committee will research models of staff involvement in the cooperative governance process at different markets and prepare a report for Board consideration on possible models of staff involvement in Three Rivers Market governance. 

Members who would like to get involved with these committees are welcome to send us an email at Please include the name of the committee(s) in which you are interested, and information about the relevant skills and experience you can offer that committee.