Board News

Last Updated: August 29th, 2023 by Three Rivers Market Communications.

Three Rivers Market isn’t another profit-driven private business and membership isn’t another subscription. Three Rivers was created to serve its members and community, not stockholders, and co-op members are its owners.

Membership is more than just access to great shopping deals—your voice matters. Co-ops are democratically governed, meaning they’re wholly dependent on informed and engaged members like you shaping the path forward. As members we not only enjoy exclusive benefits but share responsibility for the success of our co-op by having an opportunity to participate in governance.

Through cooperative membership, we collectively obtain strength lost to the individual. Whether you joined the co-op for the discounts or to be co-owner of a local business with neighbors who love and believe in our community, members like you make Three Rivers Market possible.

To learn more about how the members who make up the Board of Directors govern the co-op, register to attend our September Board meeting here.