Applying for the Board Election

Last Updated: August 15th, 2022 by Three Rivers Market Communications.

Applying for the Board Election

We hope that you are deciding to run for the Board of Directors in the upcoming election this fall. Once voting begins, your application will be posted on the website for voters to read. Here are a few tips to help you make the most of the application process:

1. Many of the voting members don’t know you personally. The application is your chance to introduce yourself on issues that matter to us all. A short paragraph (150 words) is the recommended length for questions needing longer answers.

2. This year the application has been redesigned so that you can complete it online in more than one session, saving your work.

3. Board Members Damian Zannini, Valerie Woodings, and Helen de Haven are ready to help you with any aspect of the application process and to chat about questions that may come up for you as you work through the questions.

You may contact us at by putting “Attention Election Committee” in the subject line. Or you can click on this
Send a phone number if you’d like one of us to call. In-person and Zoom meetings are also available.
Send to:
Subject: Attention Election Committee

The last opportunity for interested candidates to attend a Board meeting (a requirement to run) is Thursday, September 8. Register to attend by emailing by Wednesday, September 7, at 3 PM.