Nourishing Change

Last Updated: December 29th, 2018 by Three Rivers Market.

Announcing how we’ll be Nourishing Change in our community in the next 6 months!

In January, we will be collecting change to give food to the hungry

  • Objective: To raise $6,000 to provide free groceries to 400 people in need.
  • Partner: Smokey’s Pantry – A FISH Hospitality Pantry on the UT Campus

Smokey’s Pantry provides easily accessible food assistance to anyone in the UT Knoxville Campus community low on food and low on funds to purchase food in a way that respects each person’s dignity.

In February, we will be collecting change to provide healthy food options for children

  • Objective: To raise $6,000 to develop a community garden in East Knoxville and provide weekly backpack meals.
  • Partner: Shora Foundation

Shora Foundation provides academic support and life skills resources to children in East Knoxville during out of school times when their access to food is limited.

In March, we will be collecting change to find homes for abandoned animals

  • Objective: To raise $6,000 to support adoption through operation of a no-kill shelter, vaccinations, and spay/neuter support.
  • Partner: Humane Society of East Tennessee

March is “kitten season”, the busiest time of the year for orphaned and unwanted kittens in East Tennessee. The Society works to promote kindness, the elimination of cruelty to and neglect of all animals, and the lifelong commitment of people to their pets.

In April, we will be collecting change to provide healthy food options for children

  • Objective: To raise $6,000 to feed children cared for by East TN’s only non-profit, extended hours childcare center
  • Partner: The Blossom Center for Childhood Excellence

The Blossom Center is a unique non-profit organization, providing affordable and accessible child care through a sliding scale, income based tuition schedule and 20 hours/day, 7 days/week services, and emergency services for families in crisis.

In May, we will be collecting change to provide outdoor learning experiences in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park

  • Objective: To raise $6,000 to provide residential environmental education to Fulton High School students
  • Partner: Great Smoky Mountains Institute at Tremont

Tremont’s Environmental and Community Leaders Fellowship provides underserved urban communities with a sense of place in nature, a deepened appreciation for the diversity of life, and an ethic of stewardship.

In June, we will be collecting change to give assistance to grieving families

  • Objective:  To raise $6,000 to help patients in hospice meet essential, non-hospice related expenses
  • Partner: The Hospice Promise Foundation – University of Tennessee Medical Center Hospice Services

The Foundation helps low-income hospice patients and grieving families with rent, utilities, emergency repairs, personal care items, and food as well as burial assistance and last wishes.