TRM’s Pimiento Cheese Recipe

Yield: 5 lbs.    Prep time: about 20 minutes

We made room for local vendor Blackberry Farm on our shelves by taking a step back from our own pimiento cheese production. We feel it’s very important to support our local businesses. That being said, we want to have our TRM Pimiento Cheese recipe available to you so you can make your own at home!


3 lbs. Sweetwater Valley cheddar cheese
1 1/2 lbs. Sweetwater Valley Monterey Jack cheese
3 cups Vegenaise
7 oz. Diced pimientos (reserve the liquid)
1 tsp. Cayenne



1.) Grate the Sweetwater Valley Cheeses into a mixing bowl.
2.) Pour diced pimiento peppers and the liquid from the pimientos into the same mixing bowl.
3.) Once combined, add Vegenaise, cayenne pepper, and mix by hand.