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Last Updated: October 10th, 2022 by Three Rivers Market Communications.

Under Policy Governance (the form of governance used by Three Rivers Market’s Board of Directors), we use explicit written policies to express our expectations for the Board’s actions and proceedings, for the rights and responsibilities of members, for the performance of the General Manager, and for the Board of Directors’ relationship with the General Manager. During the Board’s search for a new General Manager, the Board decided to review all B policies (addressing the responsibilities of the General Manager for all operations) and all C policies (addressing the relationship between the Board the General Manager) to ensure our expectations were clearly stated. We knew that some routine practices that are important to the values and success of our cooperative were habits of many years but were not stated in policy. We wanted to be intentional about which habits should become requirements, stated in policy, and not be subject to individual preferences.

In early 2022, your Board of Directors convened an Ad Hoc Policy Review Committee. This committee reviewed all Board policies governing the responsibilities of the General Manager and the Board’s relationship with the General Manager The Ad Hoc Committee drew from multiple sources to consider and then made recommendations to the Board for revisions to B and C policies. The revised policies embody the Board’s commitment to cooperative principles, to our fiduciary duties, to oversight of the General Manager, and to our role as representatives of the membership.

The excerpts below are examples of changes to selected B policies:

B1 – Employee Treatment
The General Manager will not cause or allow employees to be treated in any way that is unfair, unsafe, or unclear.
The General Manager will not:
1. Cause or allow discriminatory or inequitable treatment of applicants or employees based upon non-job related factors inconsistent with the Board’s Ethics Policy.
4. Operate without policies and practices that attract and retain staff that reflect the diversity of our community.
5. Allow staff to be without information on justice and equity in cooperative operations.
10. Make changes to employee policies and procedures documented in the 2021 Employee Manual without first providing justification to the Board.
14. Fail to equitably offer educational resources to all employees to develop skills for participation in cooperative business.
15. Fail to conduct periodic comprehensive third-party staff surveys to learn, document and respond to staff interests and concerns, and share the results with the Board.
B5 – Asset Protection
15. The General Manager will not fail to implement the Board’s Ethics Policy (see Appendix A to the Policy Register).
B10 – Membership Rights and Responsibilities
The General Manager will not fail to ensure accurate and consistent communication (verbal, written, and digital) to all members about their benefits, rights, and responsibilities.
3. Fail to provide opportunities for meaningful participation.

You can read the Board’s current policies here