Board News

Last Updated: December 18th, 2019 by Three Rivers Market.

2019 Election Update!

Three Rivers Market seeks Board Candidates who are dedicated to the cooperative and its mission and who understand and will contribute to the task of governance. Desirable qualities include:

Visionary, conceptual thinker – able to envision an alternative future and to put small considerations into a perspective guided by a larger view.
Connected to the ownership – familiar with how owners use the co-op, able to translate owners’ needs into organizational goals, and to communicate progress to owners.
Ability to work as a group – to speak with one voice and to take responsibility for the performance of the Board as a whole.
Accept authority and use it responsibly – accept the importance of the position and be willing to take a stand even if it’s unpopular. Encourage management leadership and judge performance using clear criteria.

This year, our election was uncontested. We are happy to announce the appointment to the Board of our one candidate, Caitlin Seidler, who has all the qualities we hope for in a Director. Congratulations to Caitlin!