Pandemic Policies

Last Updated: January 30th, 2021 by Three Rivers Market.

We received a perfect score of 100 from the Knox County Health Department on our last inspection, June 11 2021.  We use sanitizing solutions recommended by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for effectiveness against novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19 as well as other germs and viruses.

In addition to the routine cleaning of all food preparation areas, we frequently sanitize high-touch areas throughout the store according to a strict schedule. Sanitizer is provided to customers throughout the store and at each checkstand.

Please wear a mask unless you are fully vaccinated against COVID-19.  Free, disposable masks are available inside the store.

We will provide reasonable accommodations so that an immunocompromised person who is unable to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and/or a person with a disability can benefit from the goods and services available at Three Rivers Market in accord with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

To request an accommodation, complete this short survey

MERV 13 Filters: We use MERV 13 filters in our HVAC system, which filter out bacteria, viruses, and microscopic allergens.  Our filters are replaced during preventative maintenance service each quarter.

UV Light Filtration System: We had a whole-building UV Light Filtration System professionally installed to eliminate fungi, bacteria, germs, viruses (including SARS-CoV-2) and other pathogens from our HVAC system.  The air you breathe in Three Rivers Market is clean as can be!

Fresh Air: We have a continuous supply of uninhibited fresh air through our front doors and loading dock doors.   We keep the HVAC fan operation on to operate the fan continuously, even when heating and air-conditioning is not required.

Items will be held for 72 hours before being returned to our shelves.

We will continue to open at 10 AM and close at 7 PM until further notice. These hours seem to be working well for our community & achieving our three desired objectives:

  1. Concentrating staffing to provide better customer service during our busiest times and to reduce the strain on our employees.
  2. Minimizing crowding in the aisles by providing more hours for stocking and receiving before we open each day.
  3. Providing more time for cleaning and sanitizing the store by employees and professional cleaning services.

We follow the CDC  Criteria for Return to Work for Healthcare Personnel with Confirmed or Suspected COVID-19, and similar guidelines for other illnesses.

Our employee received an additional $5.27-$11/hour in hazard pay for hours worked March-June 2020 based on

  1. Exposure to risks associated with COVID-19
  2. Sales growth and related impact on stocking and receiving
  3. Sales per labor hour
  4. Labor as a % of sales

Three Rivers Market has a generous, long-standing Paid Time Off (PTO) program in place. All employees, part-time and full-time, begin accruing Paid Time Off hours during the first hour they work and the rate of accrual increases the longer they work for the co-op.  We also have a PTO Pool that enables employees to donate their unused PTO to their co-workers and a new PTO pool funded by the co-op for any employees diagnosed with COVID-19.

Each employee of Three Rivers Market has the freedom to choose when and how to use their PTO.

You can find information about our employment benefits on our website:…/benefits-of-employment/

Thank you so much for your kindness and support!