September Nourishing Change Totals & October Organization

Last Updated: October 7th, 2018 by Marin Wooley, Member & Customer Service Mgr..

The generosity of Three Rivers Market’s customer’s generated $6,387.04 in Nourishing Change donations for FISH Hospitality Pantries, Northwest in the month of September.

These donations helped provide 1,200 families of four with 3 days’ worth of food.The Northwest FISH Hospitality Pantry, located three blocks from Three Rivers Market, provides nearly 4,000 food package each month to families needing food assistance.

For the month of October donations will help provide 150 outdoor experience outings for low-income youth. These outings provided by the Inspiring Connections Outdoors program through the Harvey Broome Group of the Sierra Club allow youth to discover the beauty and importance of wild places for sustainability, to treasure them, and enjoy these areas without harming them.