Pomegranates are here

Last Updated: October 6th, 2017 by Marin Wooley, Member & Customer Service Mgr..

We have fall’s jewel, organic pomegranates just 3/$5!

Fun fact: The pomegranate’s name comes from the Middle French, pomme garnete, or “seeded apple,” and its botanical name, Punica granatum, means “apple with many seeds.”

But this fruit tastes nothing like the apple. These large, purple-red, tangy fruits are filled with red seeds, or arils. When you open one up – leave the white, bitter membrane behind and enjoy the seeds as is, or use them to add color, texture and flavor to appetizers, beverages, breakfasts and entrees.

Learn more about pomegranates, how to harvest the seeds, and pick up great recipes at Co+op, stronger together.