Organic Benefits

Last Updated: September 6th, 2012 by Three Rivers Market.

At Three Rivers Market we embrace Organic practices for their holistic benefits: healthier soil, healthier water, safer conditions for farm workers, increased biodiversity, and avoiding genetically modified foods…just to name a few. You may have heard about the recent Stanford meta-analysis which concluded that “The published literature lacks strong evidence that organic foods are significantly more nutritious than conventional foods.”  Here are just a few good articles looking at the Stanford study and going more in depth on the benefits of organic foods.

– Katie Ries, Outreach and Marketing Director

Is Organic Food Better - David L. Katz for US News – Health

Organic Food Isn’t More Nutritious, but That Isn’t the Point – Brian Fung for the Atlantic

Eat Organic, It’s Good for Other People – Jason Mark for Civil Eats (originally published in Earth Island Journal)

The Devil in the Details – Chuck Benbrook, Washington State University’s Center for Sustaining Agriculture and Natural Resources (CSANR)

Michael Pollan Responds to Study Finding ‘No Significant Health Benefit’ to Organic Food – Jon Brooks on KQED news