Last Updated: February 14th, 2017 by John Askew, Deli Department Manager.

Homemade fondue is a great last minute Valentines date idea!  Dipping crusty bread and crisp apple into smooth, melted cheese is a great way to slow down and enjoy your date’s company.  And, you don’t have to have a fondue pot!  Check out this easy three cheese fondue recipe from our friends at Stronger Together and swing by the cheese case for the required cheeses.  Purists may substitute Gruyere and fontina for a more traditional flavor.  All cheese at the Three Rivers Market is delicious, rBGH free, and sourced from companies and farms we admire as much as you admire your date.

Organic Valley Raw Jack cheese: $5.49
Tillamook Sharp Cheddar cheese: $5.49
Kenny’s Gouda cheese: $13.49/lb
Roth Grand Cru Gruyere cheese: $19.99/lb
Carr Valley Fontina cheese: $10.99/lb
Organic Apples: $2.29/lb
Tellico Grains bread, prices vary

Claire Jamieson, Deli Department Customer Service Assistant