Board News for February

Last Updated: February 10th, 2017 by Three Rivers Market.

This will be an exciting year as the Three Rivers Market Board of Directors continues to study diversity, focus on expanding the cooperative grocery model in Tennessee, and review our Ends statement (similar to a mission statement). The Board plans to reexamine the Ends statement to build and elaborate on the Vision of Success outlined by the General Manager, Jacqueline Arthur.

Also with a new year we have a newly elected group of Board Officers. Below are short messages from the Officers.


I am grateful and honored to serve as the Board Chair for Three Rivers Market again in 2017. This year promises to be exciting and busy as we venture ahead with a complete board of nine directors.  I look forward to continuing our board’s work of ensuring fiduciary responsibility for the over 7,878 member/owners as well as setting long range goals and planning for the future of Three Rivers Market. I encourage all member/owners to participate in your Cooperative this year- attend a meeting, run for a seat on the board, or attend a member linkage event, -Let us hear your voice.

Dave Penegar: Board Seat #1 Expires December 2019

Vice Chair

I am honored to be continuing to serve as Vice Chairperson of the Three Rivers Market Board of Directors in 2017. I look forward to working cooperatively with our excellent, full board of directors, as we continue to find new ways to connect with you, our members; support our exceptional General Manager; and expand our vision for our Cooperative.

Chris Bottoms: Board Seat #4 Expires December 2017

Secretary /Treasurer

This year will be exciting as I continue to serve with my fellow Board Officers and Board of Directors. I plan to discuss best practices with fellow cooperators in order to share ideas about cooperative governance and streamlining decision making. I also plan to identify and recruit future servant leaders and encourage them to serve on a committee or to run for election to the Three Rivers Board in order to perpetuate quality governance.

Drew Thurman: Board Seat #5 Expires December 2017